Dental Extractions Near You in Poway, CA

Dental Extractions Near You in Poway, CA

While a decayed, broken, or chipped tooth can be fixed with a crown, filling, or implant, an extensively damaged tooth may require removal from the socket. Our experienced dentists near you will only perform a tooth extraction if it is beyond repair. We will first evaluate the tooth carefully to check if it can be preserved with the help of root canal therapy or a suitable restoration.

Is a Tooth Extraction Right for Me?

Although extractions are often caused by cavities that have spread to the pulp or untreated decay, there can also be other reasons for tooth extractions in Poway, CA:

  • Overcrowded teeth are more prone to decay and gum disease and prevent other teeth from developing properly.
  • If a tooth is partially dislodged due to a violent blow, trauma, or fall, we may need to extract the remaining tooth portions.
  • We may need to remove the tooth if advanced gum disease attacks the tooth socket and loosens it.
  • Impacted teeth may need to be removed as they strain other teeth and cause discomfort and pain. Teeth that have erupted under the gums may require surgical extraction.
  • At times, baby teeth do not fall out, interfering with adult tooth eruption. In this case, the patient may need tooth extractions at Heavenly Smiles Dentist.

Even a single untreated tooth can lead to the formation of an abscess. The infection can spread to the gums if the tooth is not extracted, and the bacteria can penetrate the bloodstream.

Tooth Extractions Don’t Hurt.

Patients scheduled for extraction should refrain from eating or drinking anything a few hours before the appointment. Our highly trained dentists in Poway, CA, will deaden the area around the potential extraction site before starting the extraction near you.

You may experience pressure as our dentists loosen the tooth and pull it out of the socket, but there will be no pain. We will prescribe painkillers that will help control post-procedural soreness. Smoking can delay the healing process and cause clot formation. Would you mind calling Heavenly Smiles Dentist and getting your tooth evaluated?

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