Root Canal Therapy in Poway, CA

Root Canal Therapy in Poway, CA

If the idea of getting a root canal makes you anxious, please feel free to contact our compassionate dentists near you for information.

Root Canal Therapy Alleviates Pain

The tooth chamber, which is the soft inner portion of the tooth, may inflate due to decay and severe pain. If so, you may need root canal therapy in Poway, CA. A tooth that is weakened due to repeated treatments may require root canal treatment. Similarly, teeth with cracks or holes (hidden from view) are vulnerable to infection as bacteria can penetrate the tooth pulp through these entry points.

We provide a full spectrum of effective sedation dentistry options at Heavenly Smiles Dentist to ensure that our patients are relaxed during dental procedures. Getting root canal therapy is as pain-free and straightforward as getting a dental filling. Our trained dentists in Poway, CA, have performed successful root canal treatment for hundreds of patients.

Contrary to popular belief, root canal treatment does not hurt but results in lasting pain relief. Contacting our reliable dentists for timely root canal therapy can save your tooth from extraction. Ignoring the need for root canal treatment may also lead to the formation of pus pockets known as ‘abscesses’ often accompanied by a fever.

Is Root Canal Therapy Performed Only for Painful Teeth?

Most of the time, a sensitive, painful, or discolored tooth may need root canal therapy near you.  However, you may have a tooth that doesn’t hurt at times because the nerves are dead. In such cases, you may need root canal therapy during which our dentists in Poway, CA, will numb the area, drill out the decayed matter, disinfect the root canal and seal the tooth.

After two weeks or so, our family dentists will place a crown to prevent damage and injury to the tooth. Luckily, adult teeth don’t need the nerves to survive. After root canal therapy, the tooth can last even a lifetime with proper care. If you’ve just undergone root canal therapy at Heavenly Smiles Dentist, please consume soft, non-sticky foods like room temperature puddings or vegetable mash.

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