Oral Cancer Screenings in Poway, CA

Oral Cancer Screenings in Poway, CA

Our experienced team of dentists near you offers oral cancer screenings as part of our routine dental checkups. To learn more about the procedure for oral cancer screening or other dental treatments, don’t hesitate to contact Heavenly Smiles Dentist today.

How Does Early Detection Help?

Oral cancer is a silent disease that may not show visible symptoms or discomfort during the initial stages. However, advanced instruments like the VELscope® can be used to identify precancerous and cancerous tissue during oral cancer screenings in Poway, CA. When left undetected, oral cancers can spread to the face, neck, or other parts and cause loss of functionality, disfigurement, and even death.

The good news is that oral cancer risks can be reduced with early detection. Patients can obtain timely treatment, and a successful cure is significantly higher. It’s best to take preventive measures and get oral cancer screenings.

Types of Oral Cancers and Symptoms

Oral cancers may develop in the gums, cheek lining, tongue, lips, roof of the mouth, palate, and throat. Oral cancers are associated with a range of symptoms such as:

  • The appearance of white plaque or red speckles in the oral cavity
  • The lumpy texture of oral tissue and formation of suspicious masses (most are painless)
  • Persistent ulcers or sore throat
  • Difficulty in moving the tongue or swallowing
  • A change in the voice quality like increased hoarseness
  • Prosthetics that no longer fit well due to unexpected changes in bite

It’s important to note that these signs need not necessarily mean that you have oral cancer. But a timely biopsy can help clarify the cause. Patients who have a family history, smoke heavily or have had oral cancer should get screened more frequently.

Our experienced dentists in Poway, CA, take about 10 to 15 minutes to check the face, neck, and oral cavity neck for signs of oral cancer. The process is simple, pain-free, and non-invasive.

Why take unnecessary chances with your health and well-being? Would you please call Heavenly Smiles Dentist to book an appointment for oral cancer screenings near you?

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