Fluoride Treatments in Poway, CA

Fluoride Treatments in Poway, CA

With fluoride in toothpaste, mouth rinses, and drinking water, most people don’t need fluoride treatments to protect their teeth. However, some communities do not add fluoride to drinking water or have lower natural water supplies. In these cases, treatments can save your teeth.

Is Fluoride Safe?

Parents are concerned about anything their children need to ingest, so they may question dentists whether fluoride is safe for their kids. While there has been some controversy about fluoride additives to water, many parents may not know that fluoride is the 13th most common mineral on earth. It exists in the earth’s crust, water, plants, and humans because they consume the plants and water.

Although the fluoride in treatments contains more of this element than in toothpaste and mouth rinses, it is safe to consume. Our dentists in Poway, CA, at Heavenly Smiles Dentist will be happy to explain how safe fluoride is and its necessity for you and your children.

What Fluoride Does for Teeth

When you consume food, your teeth get demineralized by the carbohydrates you eat. Sugary, processed, and acidic foods you enjoy can eat away at enamel and cause cavities. However, when you drink water with fluoride or eat plant-based foods, fluoride remineralizes your teeth, helping to replace the enamel you lose.

Fluoride treatments near you do the same thing, but dentists give them to people who eat too many processed, sugary foods or lack enough fluoride in local water supplies. Our dentists can tell by examining your teeth whether you need additional fluoride to protect your teeth.

They may place fluoride varnishes, foams, or gels on teeth, a fluoride supplement, or have you come into their offices for treatments every three to six months.

Fluoride for Children

Too much fluoride can harm your teeth just as much as too little of it, so our dentists are careful about providing fluoride treatments in Poway, CA, to kids. Only use a small streak of fluoride toothpaste on a toothbrush for infants and toddlers to keep fluoride levels at an appropriate amount. Kids over five and adults should only use a pea-sized amount to brush their teeth.

If you’re concerned about frequent cavities in your family are caused by a lack of fluoride, book an appointment with our dentists near you at Heavenly Smiles Dentist to discuss fluoride treatments.

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