Emergency Dentistry in Poway, CA | Emergency Dental Services

Emergency Dentistry in Poway, CA | Emergency Dental Services

If a sudden dental problem is making you or a loved one miserable, please contact our compassionate emergency dentists near you for urgent assistance. It’s good to keep the Heavenly Smiles Dentist contact number handy in need of emergency dental services near you.

Are You Looking For Emergency Dental Services?

It can be confusing to determine if you need routine treatment or emergency dentistry in Poway. Regular dental examinations can decrease the likelihood of developing severe issues like gum disease, tumors, or abscesses. Even seemingly trivial oral problems can transform into a full-blown emergency if neglected. Visiting your emergency dentist twice every year can highlight potential issues that may deteriorate into unpleasant problems.

Acting promptly and contacting a dentist near you can differentiate between losing and keeping the affected tooth. Please do not douse yourself with painkillers; dental problems are always caused, which need to be treated for lasting relief. Leaving the problem untreated will result in the issue recurring in the future – and with more intensity.

Dental Emergency Warning Signs To Look For

In general, intense pain, swelling, difficulty swallowing, or acute sensitivity could be dental emergencies. Please call Heavenly Smiles Dentist at once if you experience any of these problems:

A Loose or Unstable Tooth

Permanent teeth are designed to be strong and stable, so if your tooth is wiggly, it could indicate periodontal disease, damaged roots or nerves, or a weak jawbone. A skilled dentist can diagnose and pinpoint the cause before administering emergency dental services.

Acute Toothache 

Mild or moderate toothache can be treated with painkillers, and one of our emergency dentists in Poway can examine the tooth during regular office hours. But excruciating tooth pain can be difficult to bear and requires immediate intervention. Falls, blows to the face, or sports trauma can destabilize your tooth. Untreated tooth decay

Don’t hesitate to contact our reliable emergency dentists for emergency dental services near you if this is the case. If you reach our conveniently located emergency dentistry within 30 minutes, one of our skilled dentists may be able to reinstate the loose or knocked-out tooth.

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