Composite Dental Fillings in Poway, CA

Composite Dental Fillings in Poway, CA

If you have a dental cavity bothering you or hurting, there’s no need to worry. Please call our highly trained team of dentists near you for an evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. Our family-based practice at Heavenly Smiles Dentist provides an extensive range of dental treatments supported by advanced technology.

Cavities: What Are They and How Do They Form?

Cavities are tiny holes in your tooth that have the potential to grow and spread to the pulp and gum tissue. They may increase in size over weeks, months, or even years. Unlike bones, tooth enamel cannot repair itself, and cavities require treatment when a tiny cavity forms. Bacteria and acids in the oral cavity enter the cavity and attack the tooth structure.

Dental fillings near you seal cavities and prevent them from expanding. Getting a timely dental filling can reduce the likelihood of developing severe pain or complications in the tooth. Cavities do not manifest symptoms during the early stages and are often invisible to the naked eye. However, our experienced dentists in Poway, CA, can detect hidden cavities through low radiation x-rays. Timely detection, diagnosis, and treatment is the only way to prevent cavities from deteriorating and causing pulp inflammation and pain.

Once cavities spread to the nerves or gum line, the patient may need a root canal treatment or an extraction, depending on the extent of the decay. It’s best to prevent cavities from degrading to the point where they cause sensitivity, discomfort, and pain.

Factors That Affect Cavity Growth

While some cavities may grow faster than others, certain factors affect their spread, such as:

  • Acidity Levels 

Excess consumption of acidic foods and drinks may cause cavities to grow faster as the tooth enamel erodes.

  • Location of the Tooth

Premolars and molars are pitted and grooved to help grind food, and as a result, food debris and bacteria get trapped in the nooks and crannies.

Heavenly Smiles Dentist offers a wide range of fillings, including fillings made of gold, silver amalgam, and tooth-colored resin. Please get in touch with our responsive team of dentists for dental fillings in Poway, CA.

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