How Much Time Required for a Root Canal?

How Much Time Required for a Root Canal?

February 1, 2023

Root canals are dental procedures that help dentists eliminate tooth root infections from the damage to the soft tissue in the tooth roots to help preserve your natural tooth. You become vulnerable to receiving a root canal if you experience excruciating pain in a specific tooth with lingering pain and sensitivity to temperatures.


Root canals have a fearsome reputation as a painful therapy. However, the treatment, in reality, helps eliminate the pain and discomfort you experience in an infected tooth to preserve it. More importantly, root canals allow you to prevent damage to your jawbone and your neighboring teeth because the infection can spread without boundaries, putting your general health at risk.


Are Root Canals Necessary?


All teeth have living tissue inside the root called the dental pulp connecting the tooth to the bone and gums. The dental pulp is home to the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue that nourish the tooth in its developmental stages. Therefore, you become vulnerable to receiving a root canal in situations compromise the dental pulp and its nerves.


Dentists don’t recommend root canals unless you have cracked or chipped teeth, teeth with repeated dental procedures, or specific teeth with severe infections from decay. Root canals are a routine dental procedure performed by dentist 92604 to preserve your natural tooth by cleaning the damaged and diseased tissue inside the tooth.


Root canals refer to a canal of tissue within your tooth going from the tooth’s top to the root. It is a misnomer to state that the root canal procedure involves drilling into the canal of tissue inside your tooth from the crown to the root.


If you have an infected tooth and are suggested root canal treatment near you, it indicates that a severe tooth infection is spreading along your gum line to your remaining teeth. Your infected tooth can become discolored, and the dental infection severe to spread to other areas through your bloodstream. In most circumstances, root canals become necessary to alleviate the pain you experience. Although the treatment is temporarily uncomfortable, it is a better alternative than the adverse side effects that affect you if you refuse the treatment.


How Long Will a Root Canal Procedure Take on Specific Teeth?


Every tooth is different similar to patients. Therefore the time taken to complete a root canal procedure will differ according to the severity of the infection within and the specific tooth that needs treatment.


Generally, dentists complete root canals in 90 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the affected tooth, the infection’s severity, and the patient’s overall health.


An infected molar with multiple canals requires more time for root canals, while an anterior tooth requires approximately 90 minutes. In addition, the procedures are performed in separate appointments in many cases. Therefore if suggested this endodontic procedure to eliminate infections in your tooth, expect to sit in the dentist’s chair for three hours or more spread across separate appointments, depending on which tooth is affected in your mouth.


Dentists complete root canal procedures in 30 to 60 minutes if the tooth has one canal. Still, the treatment requires approximately 90 minutes because the dentist must also x-ray the tooth and numb it to ensure comfort during the procedure. However, if you need the process on a molar or pre-molar having multiple root canals, expect to spend more time in the dentist’s chair because the professional must remove infections from all the canals before cleaning, disinfecting, and filling the canals with unique material. Dentists also place a temporary filling in the access hole created in your crown to prevent infections advising you to have the tooth restored with a dental crown for protection and functionality of the treated tooth.


Therefore the tooth that needs the root canal determines how much time you will spend in the dentist’s chair rather than the procedure itself.


Root Canal Treatment At Heavenly Smiles Dentist


If you receive a suggestion from the heavenly smiles dentist that you need a root canal to help alleviate the pain you experience in a specific tooth, kindly accept the proposal because the dentist performs several such possesses routinely to eliminate infections in the patient’s teeth. Do not fear root canal treatment because it eventually leads to tooth loss if you delay the treatment for too long or ignore the dentist’s recommendation to clean the infection inside your tooth. Therefore when you receive the advice, kindly schedule your appointment for the procedure without wasting time.


Heavenly Smiles Dentist performs numerous root canal procedures on patients helping them save their natural teeth by eliminating an infection inside the tooth. If you experience an excruciating toothache and have received a suggestion from them that you need a root canal, receive the treatment from them to retain your dental functionality and your heavenly smile.

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